Pension reform: Véran distinguishes “those who dispute and those who block”

Pension reform: Véran distinguishes “those who dispute and those who block”

“We will hold the objective” of a pension plan financially balanced in 2030, the government spokesperson assured on Monday Olivier Veranon the eve of a new day of mobilization against the executive reform project.

“We want the account to be good by 2030 and we are going to give ourselves the means so that the account is good”, explained on France 2 the minister, questioned on the cost of the concessions granted by the government so that the law passed with Republican support.

“We are in discussion with the senators”, who are currently examining the project, so that the measures which financially burden the reform are compensated by others, he specified.

The spokesperson also assured that the government “remains very attentive” to the country and “continues to be in dialogue with the unions, even when they do not agree with us”.

The unions intend to mobilize on Tuesday, the sixth day of action, even more than on January 31, when the police had identified 1.27 million participants and the inter-union more than 2.5 million.

“Ecological disaster”: “The message has clearly gone badly”

Taunted on social media for estimating on Wednesday that “bringing France to a halt” from March 7 would be “taking the risk of an ecological, agricultural or health disaster”, the minister acknowledged that his “message obviously went wrong”. “Maybe I should have phrased it differently,” he conceded.

VIDEO. “An ecological, health or even human disaster”: the disconcerting speech of Olivier Véran on the consequences of the call for a renewable strike

“I make the difference between those who contest and those who block. We do not want the French to be victims of a long-term blockage”. According to him, “the history of the social movement in France has shown that it was not necessary to block an entire country and cause such major inconvenience for the French on a daily basis”.

Very strong disruptions are planned in particular in urban and rail transport, all the unions having called for a renewable strike at the RATP and the SNCF, from Tuesday.

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