Pension reform: “We don’t want 49.3”, assures Olivier Véran after a surprise meeting of ministers

Pension reform: “We don’t want 49.3”, assures Olivier Véran after a surprise meeting of ministers

Surprise meeting this Sunday at Matignon, after the accelerated vote of the day before in the Senate. “We don’t want 49.3”, bludgeoned the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, after this emergency point organized by Élisabeth Borne with the ministers in charge of pension reform, and while the opposition brandishes the threat of a joint motion of censure. “Our method consists in seeking agreements, a consensus. It is our choice, ”insisted the former Minister of Health.

Around Élisabeth Borne, Bruno Le Maire, Olivier Dussopt, Olivier Véran, Franck Riester and Gabriel Attal, it was a “meeting to prepare the next steps in order to complete the democratic process until the vote on the text “, explained the services of the Prime Minister in a press release. “We have to seek consensus together. This is the reason why the Prime Minister is asking us to work to support the search for consensus, ”added Olivier Véran, who repeated that the executive “will not give up on reform”.

Earlier in the day, the president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella had put pressure on the executive by referring to “discussions” in the National Assembly on a possible motion of censure common to the oppositions if the government chose to use Article 49.3 to push through its pension reform.

The executive facing a new mobilization on March 15

As a reminder, the text has already been voted by the Senate on Saturday evening by a certain majority (192 votes for, 112 against) after ten days and more than 100 hours of debate. “An important step has been taken this evening”, welcomed Elisabeth Bornewith the Parisian.

After another day of mobilization this Saturday which gathered more than a million people according to the CGT and 368,000 according to the Ministry of the Interior, the renewable strike promised by the unions must still continue this week. A day of demonstration for Wednesday, March 15 is still planned, the day of the passage of the pension reform before the joint joint committee.

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