Pensions: for Borne, the bill to repeal the reform is “unconstitutional”

“A larks mirror”. Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday ruled “unconstitutional” the bill brought by the independent parliamentary group Liot aimed at repealing the pension reform, following a meeting with the unions in Matignon. “It is quite irresponsible on the part of a parliamentary group to suggest that we can present a bill which cuts 18 billion (euros) of resources and that this bill could prosper”, affirmed the First minister.

“There are rules on the bills that can be presented: (…) it is not to increase expenditure and not to reduce revenue”, she argued, seeming to join the wish of the majority groups (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons) to resort to Article 40 of the Constitution which makes it possible to raise the financial inadmissibility of the text. “It’s somewhere a mirror to the larks. Employees are made to believe that they would have a possibility of an outlet, ”she said. “This proposed repeal is unconstitutional. I think everyone should be aware of this and everyone should take their responsibilities accordingly,” added the head of government.

Macron open to debate

Trade unions, received Tuesday and Wednesday at Matignon, reiterated their support for Liot’s proposal, which must be examined in the National embly on June 8, two days after a 14th day of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform. Preventing the examination of the text of Liot “would be unacceptable”, affirmed Tuesday evening the general secretary of the CFDT, Lawrence Bergerwhile Sophie Binet for the CGT judged Wednesday on France Inter that it would be “extremely serious that the deputies are once again prevented from voting on this reform”.

Article 40 of the Constitution provides that the proposals and amendments of parliamentarians are not admissible if they entail a reduction in revenue or an increase in public charges. The majority thus asks the chairman of the Finance Committee, Éric Coquerel (LFI), to rule on the admissibility of the text. The general budget rapporteur, Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance), will also be called upon. And “if there is a conflict between them”, a meeting of the office of the embly, the highest collegiate body, will decide, advanced the patroness of the Renaissance deputies, Aurore Bergé.

President Emmanuel Macron had however shown himself open to debate on the text: on June 8, “for the majority, it will be an opportunity to continue to explain our project”, he said on Sunday. And “everyone will have to take their responsibilities and explain how we finance,” he said.

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