Pensions: Franck Riester admits that women will be “a little penalized” by the reform

Government communication takes a hit. According to Franck Riester, “women are somewhat penalized by thee Postponement of the retirement age. The bill was presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday.

“We absolutely do not disagree. They are a little more impacted, ”acknowledged the Minister for Relations with Parliament on Monday evening, during the Public Hearing program on Public Senate, LCP and Figaro Live. Women, in order to be able to reach their contribution period, use, and this is very legitimate, quarters validated by child. It allows them to more easily access the minimum quarters to be able to validate a retirement without a discount, ”explained Franck Riester.

“The quarters per child do not play on the postponement of the age, they play on the duration of contribution”, he continued. “On this point in particular, they are a little more impacted than men”.

The impact document presented on Monday

According to a document presented Monday by the government as the impact study of its bill, the pension reform will push women to lengthen their careers more than men. According to the government document consulted by AFP, the reform will have contrasting effects on them: they should earn more than men, but also extend their activity a little longer.

During his presentation of the project, the Prime Minister had claimed that the reform should reduce the pension gap between men and women, but had not indicated that women should, on average, work until a later age.

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