Pensions: Macron “assumes his choices” for “smart savings”

Pensions: Macron “assumes his choices” for “smart savings”

Emmanuel Macron “assumes” his reform choices. This is what he hammered home this Thursday at the Quai d’Orsay in an allusion to pensions, while stressing that it was sometimes difficult to convince of the need to “make smart savings”.

“I hope that you measure the price of this confidence”, “I know that you measure it in a period of sobriety where we must constantly reform”, noted the Head of State, announcing to diplomats, who are up against the wind a reform of the Quai d’Orsay, a substantial increase in their resources.

“If necessary, today alone shows that making smart savings in public finances is not a spontaneous movement either by the Nation or by the administrations and presupposes choices that I also assume” , he added.

Critics on the left

The Head of State then joined the Elysée for a new meeting with the tenors of the government which promised to be decisive on the strategy to be adopted a few hours before a crucial parliamentary sequence on pension reform.

Several left-wing leaders also protested against these remarks. “For Emmanuel Macron, taking 2 years of retirement is therefore a smart economy,” tweeted the first secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure.

“Let’s translate it: 9 out of 10 active French people are too dumb to understand. Frankly…. it’s going to end badly, ”added the national secretary of EELV Marine Tondelier.

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