Pensions, middle cles, taxation … What to remember from Macron’s interview with L’Opinion

pensions, middle clesinternational… In a river interview granted to the newspaper Opinion which celebrates its tenth anniversary, President Emmanuel Macron returned this Sunday to the last strong measures of his new mandate. And also spoke about several recent upheavals, such as the war in Ukraine and the growing emergence of artificial intelligence. Here’s what to remember.

A “poorly explained” pension reform

Even if he seems to have wanted to turn the page on the stormy pension reform file, Emmanuel Macron “thinks that the work of conviction must continue” on this project. “If I have one regret, it’s that we didn’t manage to sufficiently explain the need for this reform. “While the Liot group’s bill aimed at repealing the reform will be examined on June 8th, the president castigates those who oppose the law, believing that they demonstrate a “denial of reality”. “Some claimed that the reform could be avoided, without saying what they were proposing instead,” he explained.

Do more for the middle cles

The president also promised to reach out more to the middle cles, considered to be forgotten by aid measures and tax measures in France. “We help a lot people who are in disarray, who have dropped out. We help low salaries a lot, and we have done more with the activity bonus. But the taxation of the incomes of the middle cles is too high and is accelerating too quickly. It crushes purchasing power gains between 1,500 and 2,500 euros,” he said.

“I am talking about those who are too rich to be helped and not rich enough to live well. To correct this, we must continue to restore public services. But we must also allow the middle cles to live better with their wages. And therefore continue to lower their taxes. »

Macron umes the use of 49.3

The use of this article of the Constitution for the law on pension reform has crystallized many tensions, marked on the street. But Emmanuel Macron, he umes. “These are reforms that are considered harsh. But all those who would like things to stop are wrong, because the world is accelerating and therefore we must continue to reform”.

Ties between China and Russia criticized

Asked about the war in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron replied that Russia had “already lost geopolitically”. “Russia has cast doubt on its historical allies, its first-cl corset. She de facto started a form of valization with regard to China and it lost access to the Baltic, which was critical for it, since it precipitated the Swedish and Finnish choice to join NATO”, explained the French president, who is about to receive Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expected Sunday evening in Paris.

“Let’s be factual, Russia must not win the military war. And there, it is up to us to see how to help the Ukrainians in their counter-offensive,” he concluded.

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