Pensions: Sophie Binet considers “irresponsible to want to apply the reform on September 1”

“We are not asking that this government fall, but that the pension reform fall. “Four days before the vote on the law proposed by the Liot group, which could repeal the reform of the retirement age at 64, the general secretary of the CGT Sophie Binet continues its media marathon.

While the Social Affairs Committee rejected, in its preliminary examination, the piece of legislation that would allow unions to start from scratchthe President of the National embly has the right to reintegrate it into the text which will be debated in the hemicycle.

“Yaël Braun-Pivet has not yet answered me, I have to call on her through the press, very solemnly, so that she receives me. When you are President of the National embly, you have to enforce the prerogatives of Parliament”, defended Sophie Binet this Sunday in BFM Politique, in collaboration with Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, who “thinks that parliamentarians want to vote for” this law and that “this vote must be able to take place in plenary”, not only in committee.

Otherwise, “we will continue to ask the parliamentary groups to continue to table repeal laws”.

Two days before the examination of the law by the deputies, the trade unions call for a new day of demonstrations Tuesday, June 6, the fourteenth mobilization since the start of discussions on pension reform. To put pressure, “the Intersyndicale will hold its press conference right in front of the embly”, she said.

“Starting from a blank sheet”

“There is still time to suspend the reform to start from a clean sheet”, especially, she pleads, that it is “technically, totally irresponsible to want to apply the reform on September 1st”. THE first decrees application of the reform were published in the Official Journal but according to the successor of Philippe Martinez, more than thirty others have not yet been published, creating “material uncertainty”. “In the funds, the agents work at a forced march, the reconstitutions of career for the employees concerned are not done in satisfactory conditions”, giving rise to “erroneous calculations” of pensions.

Cautious, the boss of the CGT gave no essment of the number of people who could mobilize on Tuesday. The authorities are counting on 400,000 to 600,000 people in 250 demonstrations, including 40,000 to 70,000 in the capital. “This June 6 will be what we make of it,” she said. I call on everyone to mobilize in numbers, that’s what will make it possible to be heard in the National embly, ”she unfolds, recalling the slogan, broader than repeal. Negotiations must be opened in all branches, to “put the real issues on the agenda, wages, the environment”, she lists.

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