Pensions: the inter-union wants “to be received urgently” by Macron and calls for mobilization on March 11

Pensions: the inter-union wants “to be received urgently” by Macron and calls for mobilization on March 11

After welcoming a “historic mobilization” on Tuesday evening, the unions called for “continuing and amplifying the movement” of protest against the pension reform. Faced with the silence of the executive, they have, from the headquarters of Force Ouvrière, demanded a meeting with Emmanuel Macron.

“To date, these huge mobilizations, led by a united inter-union, have received no response from the government. This can not go on. The silence of the President of the Republic constitutes a serious democratic problem which leads to a situation which could become explosive. In responsibility, the inter-union will send a letter asking him to be received urgently, so that he withdraws his reform ”.

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Satisfied and determined at the end of this sixth day, the unions call on “all professional sectors” to continue and amplify the movement. She invites in particular “to seize the March 8 to point the particular deterioration of the situation of women with this reform project. It also supports “the specific call for youth organizations”, to mobilize on Thursday March 9 by joining the rallies, including the one in Paris, which will start from Place de République.

Another day of strikes and demonstrations around March 15

“The inter-union calls for a new interprofessional mobilization this Saturday, March 11”. Finally, “as of next week, to a day of demonstration and strike on the day of the joint joint committee, an important moment in the parliamentary calendar”, probably next March 15.

“The various days brought together millions of workers, young and retired,” she said, welcoming the figures for March 7, referring to a “historic day”. The CGT has announced 3.5 million demonstrators throughout France, or 1 million more than the 2.5 million it had counted on January 31, the previous record in this mobilization against the pension reform. The Ministry of the Interior for its part estimated the number of demonstrators at 1.28 million, slightly more than its count of January 31 (1.27 million). In the capital, the figures make the big difference between 700,000 according to the CGT and 81,000 for the prefecture.

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