Pensions: the use of 49.3, a “heartbreaking” but “not a failure”, says Dussopt

Pensions: the use of 49.3, a “heartbreaking” but “not a failure”, says Dussopt

The use of the article 49.3 to pass the pension reform is not “a failure”, says Olivier Dussopt. “It would be a failure if there was no text, but there is a text,” said the Minister of Labor this Friday on RMC / BFMTV. He added that he would have preferred there to be a vote, sought by the executive “until the last minute”.

“Indeed, there was no majority in the National Assembly because a certain number of members of the LR group did not respond and did not follow the position which had been adopted by their party. But it is not a failure, since there is a text and this text will be, if the motion of censure is rejected, implemented, ”he continued.

Before deciding to use 49.3, “we observed that there were not enough guarantees for such an important text and that the risk zone was too large”.

“A moment of difficulty”

Asked about the fact that only three votes would have been missing for the adoption of the text, he replied: “when you make assessments, scores on 577 deputies, one shot is three, one shot is four”.

The minister recognized “a moment of difficulty”, “a moment when political life is heckled because a 49.3, it heckles”. But “beyond 49.3, you have to keep in mind how the debates went, with a lot of violence. I have never known a hemicycle where hatred takes precedence over reason so much”.

Asked whether he was still legitimate, Olivier Dussopt replied “of course”, adding that the Prime Minister “has the support of the majority and the confidence of the president”. As for the emotion ofElisabeth Borne mentioned by deputies after 49.3, he assured that she “is very solid”, she “does not cry”.

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