People died of peace, not amnesty.

People died of peace, not amnesty.

While the zoning amnesty is being questioned again after the earthquake disaster in which thousands of people lost their lives, AKP deputies continue to defend the regulation that allows rotten buildings as ‘peace’.

People died of peace, not amnesty.

of power While the heavy bill of making all buildings open to earthquake risk with the 2018 zoning amnesty, without saying rotten or sound, is still in the middle, the AKP deputies still use the zoning amnesty as ‘zoning amnesty’.
‘ peace,’ his defense drew reaction.


During the meetings of the Disaster Reconstruction Fund in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, opposition deputies attributed the heavy casualties of the earthquake to the zoning amnesty and criticized “You killed people with the zoning amnesty”. While waiting for how AKP deputies would respond to these criticisms, AKP Deputy Nilgün Ok, who intervened, said, “It is not a zoning amnesty, it is a zoning peace!” he replied. CHP Deputy Abdüllatif Şener responded to these words, which caused laughter in the hall, “The AKP already knows how to give good names to all its bad deeds.” During the meetings at the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, HDP’s Garo Paylan told AKP deputies, “You are the people who killed people by saying yes to the zoning amnesty. The burden of 50,000 people who died is on you,” he said.


While the atmosphere was getting tense with these words, AKP Deputy Nilgün Ok responded to Paylan with the words, “It is not a zoning amnesty, it is a zoning peace.” AKP Deputy Uğur Aydemir defended the zoning amnesty with the words, “Those buildings were standing there, we did not allow them, we only connected their electricity and water”. Stating that he could not understand why the government was blamed and asked to resign because of the earthquake, Aydemir said, “If the TOKİ buildings had been demolished, then you could have called the TOKİ president, the Minister of Environment, to resign. 98 percent of the destroyed buildings were built in 1999 and before.

You cleared the rotten buildings with forgiveness

CHP’s Abdüllatif Şener said that AKP manages perception by finding good names for all its bad deeds. Explaining that three zoning amnesties have been applied to date, in 1960, 1984 and 2018, and that zoning permits were not given to buildings that were not strong in the amnesties before 2018, Şener said: You have taken all the buildings, including the ones that are strong, rotten, and in a state of destruction, to the zoning peace without any conditions. You are the one who made the rotten buildings built before 1999 comply with the law.”

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