Pep Guardiola after City qualified for the Champions League final: “This group of players is special”

Pep Guardiola (Manchester City coach after 4-0 win over Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League, at the microphone of BT Sports) : “At home, we feel incredibly comfortable in front of our public. I felt like we had to take a year of pain after (the loss against Real, 4-3, 1-3, ap) of last year. It had been so painful, when people had criticized the lack of personality of the players. A year later, we show again how special this group of players is. But everyone in the organization is to be commended, from the president and owner to the lowest employee, everyone is working for a purpose.

When we reach the Champions League final, we celebrate, but we don’t have much time because we have a chance to win the Premier League on Sunday (5 p.m. against Chelsea), well, that’s a nice problem to have. Tomorrow we will have breakfast with all the families, a rest day and we will prepare for the match on Sunday. »

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