Perfect start to the tournament for the Blues in Toulouse

The French men’s team confirmed their very good match against South Africa this Friday morning (31-7), winning on the wire against the United States (19-14), thanks to a try entered after a long sprint by Aaron Grandidier. A 2/2 which opens the doors to the quarter-finals.

“This last action is indicative of our state of mindsalutes Captain Paulin Riva. We stay strong, we don’t let go, we drag the guys around the corridors a bit and we manage to give the right ball to Aaron who only has to express himself. »

With these two successes, the Blues are leaders of Group C. They only have one match left to definitively secure this first place. It will be Saturday against the Fijian Olympic champions (2:11 p.m.), who fell violently against the South Africans in the downpour in Toulouse (7-24) after a draw against the Americans (21-21). They will have to beat France if they want to qualify in the quarters.

“Fiji are a very difficult team to put down, they don’t like itreveals Riva. And we are our strong point. We will have to put good tackles in defense, not to get carried away. We have this little carrot which is the desire to win (a tournament). Until we win, we won’t stop. »

A real “eighth” for the Blue against Australia

For their part, the French have raised the bar. After their maiden heavy loss against Ireland in the morning (7-27), Carla Neisen and her teammates largely won against Brazil (43-0).

Séraphine Okemba and Les Bleues easily beat Brazil on Friday in Toulouse.  (A. Mounic/The Team)

Séraphine Okemba and Les Bleues easily beat Brazil on Friday in Toulouse. (A. Mounic/The Team)

“We wanted to redeem ourselves, to show a better face than this morning, because it was not us, clearlyures the captain. It is not finished. At 7, it’s super important to switch. We said things to each other a little, that we were there to play, to show who we are. »

Les Bleues will play their qualification on Saturday against Australia (11:05 am), first in Group B. A defeat would almost certainly lead to elimination from the group stage, far from the ambitious objective of David Courteix’s players. “You have to play to win”sums up Neisen simply.

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