Perth Amboy Footballers’ Ball

Perth Amboy Footballers’ Ball

On Saturday, February 18, the 10th Ball of the ZPA Perth Amboy oldboys team took place in the Crystal Hall of the United Poles in America.

Wojciech Ziębowicz

This team was founded on the initiative of Zdzisław Wirski in 1994. From 2014, the team was taken over by his longtime assistant, Karol Kaczmarski, who holds this position to this day. Mirosław Klisiewicz and Tomasz Wielowski have been helping him for several years.

In the last 10 years, the ZPA team won the Central State Friendship Over 40 League Championship as many as 9 times, and was second only once. Since 2012, the annual Oldboys ZPA Ball has been organized during the carnival period. This year’s event was marked by the largest attendance in history, as stated by President Karol Kaczmarski. The culminating part of each ball is thanking all the players for playing in the team, which was delivered by the president, Karol Kaczmarski. Then Wojciech Ziębowicz briefly recalled the rich history of the ZPA team.

It was founded in 1979 by Stanisław Wielowski, a freshly arrived from Poland, who ran it for 26 years – until he left for Florida. The ZPA team was among the best on the East Coast in the Open category.

Many league outstanding footballers from Poland played in it. Activists from Perth Amboy made golden letters in the history of the Polish Football Clubs Association. late Zbigniew Żelazowski was the president for 11 years, and Stanisław Wielowski for eight.

For nearly 30 years, Bożenna Żelazowska, event manager, has been working socially with great dedication and commitment. When ZPKP was founded in 1989, the coach of the youth team up to the age of 23 was the late ZPA coach. Wiesław Ostrzycki, and his wife Lucyna was the secretary general for 6 years. Currently, Karol Kaczmarski and Artur Pluta have been active on the board of ZPKP for many years, emphasized Wojciech Ziębowicz, co-founder of ZPKP.

Karol Kaczmarski then asked the representatives of Ruch Chorzów present at the ball – Stanisław Gawenda, Marek Latos and former Polish representative Mariusz Śrutwa – together with the president of ZPKP-PASA, Piotr Gołąbek, to present cups to ZPA players for a very successful year 2022.

The colors of ZPA Soccer Club in 2022 were defended by:

Kamil Kucharczyk, Karol Kaczmarski, Łukasz Woyton, Kazimierz Pawelczyk, Tomek Hryniewiecki, Marek Midura, Dominik Kon, Miroslaw Klisiewicz, Piotr Leyman, Tomasz Kalinowski, Grzegorz Calka, Rafał Pacholak, Jerzy Cieśla, Marek Kramarski, Piotr Nyc, Marek Popławski, Marek Myśliński , Tomasz Michno, Tomasz Grabski, Adam Cieśla, Miro Tavel, Marek Jakil, Eugeniusz Sevastjanik, Tomasz Wielowski, Tomasz Wachowicz, Grzegorz Orbik, Piotr Duda.


As every year, everyone had a great time at the ZPA sportsman’s ball. During one of the dance breaks, an auction of the Polish national team shirt with the autograph of Robert Lewandowski took place. It went to Grzegorz Łukomski, who auctioned it for $ 3,600. Satisfied footballers of the United Poles in America at At 3 am they returned home to start competing in the 17th Memorial of Kazimierz Górski in the sports hall in Clifton, NJ at 12:30 pm.

It should be emphasized that in the Oldboy ZPA team, all players are over 40 years old, and there are also those who are over 50 or even 60 years old. It was hard to expect the LCSF champions to succeed in this year’s tournament, but everyone showed up and played with great ambition and dedication.

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