Petrobras and WEG enter into a partnership to develop the largest wind energy turbine in the country

Petrobras and WEG, a global Brazilian electrical and electronic equipment company, signed a strategic partnership for the joint development of a 7 megawatt (MW) onshore wind turbine, the first of its size – and largest – to be manufactured in Brazil. This project represents an important milestone for Petrobras, as it will increase its knowledge in wind energy technology, in addition to contributing to boosting the energy transition in Brazil, in partnership with a company that stands out in innovation for the development of solutions in energy efficiency, energy renewable energy and electric mobility.

To give you an idea, the wind turbine will be 220 meters high from the ground to the tip of the blade – equivalent to the height of six statues of Christ the Redeemer – and 1830 tons in weight – corresponding to the weight of around 1660 popular cars or 44 Boeing 737s. Petrobras will invest R$130 million in the project, which is already underway by WEG. The agreement covers the development of technologies for the manufacture of wind turbine components – suitable for the country’s wind conditions – as well as the construction and testing of a prototype, with technical and commercial counterparts for Petrobras. WEG predicts that the equipment will be able to be produced in series from 2025.

In addition to its role in the expansion of national onshore wind energy, the development of this 7 MW wind turbine will have a positive impact on the future of offshore wind energy in Brazil. “As Petrobras accumulates experience and knowledge in the production of high-capacity wind turbines on land, it paves the way for the development of larger wind turbines, which will be used in offshore generation projects. On this journey, the transition to offshore wind energy offers opportunities to explore the vast wind potential on the country’s coast”, said the president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates.

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