Petrol station strike today, from open petrol stations to the reason for the protest: all the news

80-90% adherence to the petrol station strike on the road network of direct operators and some white pumps, equal to 12-13 thousand plants out of the total 22,000. This is learned from sources from Faib (Italian Autonomous Federation of Petrol Stations), which has 7,000 members and received data from the area. Meanwhile, the meeting between the three acronyms that proclaimed the strike has just begun. A new convocation of the managers’ unions has arrived from Adolfo Urso’s Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy for 3 pm today.

Petrol station strike, here’s where to fill up on the highway despite the lockout


Meanwhile, the debate on the reasons for the demonstration continues. Vincent Nettis, Turin president of Faib, present this morning in Piazza Castello, in front of the Prefecture. «We will listen to the new contents that Minister Urso advanced yesterday, but one hour after the strike it was unthinkable to interrupt the protest. The government’s choices may also be understandable – he adds – but we do not agree to pass for sly or speculators. We too are victims of price increases. We are a category – he continues – that works twelve hours a day, in any climate and we have a fixed income on what is paid out. The prices are indicated by the oil companies and we earn 3.8 cents per liter out of twenty euros. The remaining 19 euros and broken at 60% are excise duties and VAT. The rest to the companies ». Nettis stressed that expensive fuel also affects gas stations. «Putting up signs with the average price would be a further task for the category, with hefty fines of up to one thousand euros even in the event of clerical errors or oversights. Certainly not speculation.”

Thomas Foti, group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, guest of Start on Skytg24, said: «I don’t think there have been any words of censure against the meritorious activity of those who keep the petrol pumps open on the part of the government. On the other hand, the position is different with regard to some obligations of a decree law that has been issued, for which Minister Urso has already tried to find an agreement with the trade unions. The real problem is the fuel distribution network in Italy and the adaptation to systems that allow electric recharges. In this scenario, taking the decree-law under examination as a reason, I believe we can widen the field to include other arrears to settle and many prospects to define.

«The government’s decision not to extend the excise tax discount was very difficult, but legitimate and necessary. At the end of December, the price at the fuel pump was much lower than in March, when it was decided to include the discounts. Then, 2/3 of the resources of the maneuver were allocated to contrasting high bills, which was the great emergency. That was right.” The deputy and head of the Energy Department of Forza Italia told Isoradio Luca Squeri, who continued: «On the price of a liter of diesel, around 1 euro and 80, 1 euro is represented by taxes: in Italy we have the record. 60 cents is the price of diesel purchased on the international market. 20 cents left, of which only 3 gross is for the managers. Here is the example of a product necessary for citizens, whose price dynamics must be addressed with fiscal resources. But at a time when it was necessary to counter high bills, most of the resources went there».

«Lessons of transparency we do not take from anyone and we do not want to make anyone’s scapegoat. The increases in recent days are due to excise duties and the international trend of the market and it will rise again from February». The president of Fegica said it, Robert DiVincenzo, during the coordination meeting with the other category acronyms on the ongoing gas station strike. “We cannot continue to pass as the profiteers and those who generated this price increase. It must be clear that gas station attendants are workers of small and medium-sized enterprises who create transparency ».

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