Pharmacies in Piedmont, medicines that can be purchased with only the health card

Healthcare takes another step towards digitization. In this case, let’s talk about drugs. Better: the possibility of picking up your medicines at the pharmacy by simply showing your health card. The new service does not exclude the current system: an opportunity, in short, which is not binding as such.

This morning the illustration of the initiative at the regional health department. Among others, councilor Luigi Icardi and Alberto Cirio were present, satisfied with the initiative and convinced that the new opportunity represents a qualitative leap for local medicine. Next to them Carla Gaveglio, of the CSI Piedmont Digital Health Directorate, Massimo Mana and Mario Giaccone, respectively president of Federfarma Piemonte and president of the Order of Pharmacists of the Province of Turin.

The news

The new service, active from today, is a simplified procedure for the supply of prescribed medicines to citizenswithout the need to present a doctor’s prescription. It is added to the other methods already in use for the delivery of pharmaceutical prescriptions: “dematerialized recipes” online service, transmission by the doctor. It is available on the portal

Health Piedmont

Salute Piemonte is the single point of access to the health services of the Piedmont Region; a solution designed to consult the clinical history and to manage the documents and data that make up the Electronic Health Record of the Piedmontese citizen.

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The objectives

There are basically three. Overcoming any digital divide: the service is available to all, even of those who don’t have SPID or a mobile device. Spreading the use of the ESF: the pharmacist accesses the Electronic Health Record on behalf of the citizen. Guarantee the freedom of choice: the citizen can choose any pharmacy adhering to the initiative.

The options

Citizens can: identify the pharmacies participating in the initiative; choose your “usual pharmacies”, go to the counter with your health card and collect the medicines prescribed by your doctor; pick up medicines in other pharmacies as well, but in this case you must have a mobile device with you. At any time it is possible: delegate a trusted person to collect the goods, obscure a prescription, know when the pharmacist logs in to the Electronic Health Record, report any unauthorized use.

What is needed

Be in possession of the health card, express consent to consult your Electronic Health Record, choose where to collect drugs. As of 23 January 2023, 622,000 Piedmontese have given their consent to consult the Electronic Health Record.

The pharmacies

They can optionally join, access the citizen’s Electronic Health Record limited to the electronic prescription number, authenticate through named credentials: 650 those who joined on 23 January 2023.


The service was created by CSI Piemonte. “We worked alongside the Health Department – said Carla Gaveglio, CSI Piedmont Digital Health Directorate – to create this important service that really makes life easier for citizens, ensuring data security and confidentiality. This solution is based on the electronic health record active in Piedmont for all citizens who, by collecting the patient’s clinical history and regulating access on the basis of his explicit consent, requires high safety standards, a theme on which the Consortium has been committed for years».

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