Philippe Caverivière-Alex Vizorek, a fantastic duo

The two comedians are at the helm of a new show which is inspired by American “late shows”.

“There’s Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde, and there’s the nerd gaucho and the camping GO. » Philippe Caverivière knows how to perfectly sum up the improbable duo he forms with Alex Vizorek In “In an organized group” .

More than a year ago, the idea came to Arthur to create for the first time a humorous talk show with not one but two comedians. “In France, there is no program dedicated to deciphering the news with only one point of view, making people laugh, sending messages, learning while having fun,” he emphasizes. The producer then thinks of the RTL troublemaker, who is today enjoying great success in “What a time! »and to the one who now officiates in “Telematin”. It is for their unrestrained sarcasm that they were chosen. “When we take Philippe Caverivière and Alex Vizorek, it’s not to do things by halves and that’s what the public expects today. For many months, the news has plunged us into a kind of torpor. There is a dire need for this kind of humor.”defends Arthur.

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Every Sunday at 5:45 p.m. on France 2, they have carte blanche, for forty minutes, to discuss current events in the company of guests from politics, entertainment, fashion or sport. The actor François-Xavier Demaison agreed to wipe the casts. Like American “late nights”, the show will begin with an eight-minute two-part monologue. Philippe Caverivière will then take care of international news while Alex Vizorek will do a daily regional press review. “This show is above all a platform, we will be able to say whatever we want, to make jokes on all subjects. We will talk to young people, old people, Belgians, French people, men, women, left-wing voters”, they promise. Throughout the show, several young comedians such as Lilia Benchabane, Julien Santini, Nordine Ganso and Mélodie Fontaine will also come and offer their sketch.

Blatant delusions

In view of the pilot presented to the press, the alchemy works wonderfully between the two comedians who take great joy in raving about the slightest subject (the submarine accident Titan, the new fatherhood of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino at respectively 80 and 83 years old, the refusal of Lionel Messi to join the Al Hilal team in Saudi Arabia for 1.2 billion euros…). And what does political correctness matter? “It’s unusual to hear that again. The people who stop us in the street are nostalgic for this humor, this freedom of tone. Without comparing for a second, but there are generations who laughed with Pierre Desproges and Coluche, they went very, very, very far. When we speak in the second degree, we speak to intelligence”analyzes Philippe Caverivière.

In France, shows of this type have never been popular with the public. The last one to try it was Alain Chabat on TF1. Despite the numerous failures, France 2 wants to be confident. “We have shown for several years that innovating, moving the lines, requires taking risks”, insists Alexandra Redde-Amiel, entertainment director at France Télévisions. Philippe Caverivière and Alex Vizorek do not have audience targets. The channel says it is ready to let the show take place, even if the good scores are not immediately there.

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