Philippe Caverivière gives Bruno Le Maire a private lesson in politics

VIDEO – The comedian received the Minister of the Economy this morning on RTL’s morning show.

Another good joke from Philippe Caverivière this Wednesday October 18 on RTL. In his morning column “L’oeil de Philippe Caverivière”, he received the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

“Hello Bruno, let’s popularize: you are the minister of money, sorrel, mesh, flouze, stone, pez and, of course, moula, as the young people who don’t listen to us say »declares the comedian as a welcome message, with the famous hit in the background Money, Money, Money from the Abba group. The playlist then plays La Moula by Vegedream. We need it for all generations.

Then comes an allusion to the latest novel by Bruno Le Maire entitled American escapewhose erotic pages have already offered tasty television sequences, as last May on the set of “What a time!”.

All in finesse

“Bruno, it is therefore not the writer, nor even the Kenyan marathon runner, that we are welcoming today, it is the Minister of the Economy, even if your two careers as minister and writer do not more than one. Because when we receive our tax statements, we all say to ourselves: “Hey, my brown bulge is as dilated as ever”,” continues Philippe Caverivière before adding, not without finesse: “Bruno, we don’t know what mark you will leave in French political life, but you have already earned your place in the history of literature that makes the penis hard alongside Guillaume Apollinaire, Gérard De Villiers, Catherine Millet and Marlène Schiappa “.

The comedian then takes up an interview with Bruno Le Maire published in The Parisian in which the minister regrets not having purchased his main residence. “I like you Bruno, but it’s true that a Minister of the Economy who does stupid things in economics… That doesn’t give confidence”erts Philippe Caverivière who pushes the comparison with “a surgeon who you see arriving in the hospital room with his fingers full of blood and who acts “I don’t know what I have this morning, it’s the second one that hits me in the OR, come on, let’s try not to do two without three”».

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