Philippe Caverivière puts a layer on Bruno Le Maire after his page in “What time!”

VIDEO – The Minister of the Economy declared this weekend to be aware of the daily life of the French, himself having a “large family to feed”. Words that do not p for some viewers.

“I try to be fair, to be careful that the prices go down for the consumer because I myself have a large family, I have four children to feed and I pay a lot of prices for packets of pasta. and I know perfectly well how unbearable these prices have become for the French”. This statement in “What an era!by the Minister of the Economy shocked more than one this weekend.

That evening, Bruno Le Maire was also present to promote his latest novel, american fugue (Gallimard). They are confronted with the chronicle of Philippe Caverivière who has read the most daring pages on the France 2 set: “She sucks between her lips her arched sex, the mauve glans of which she holds between her fingers”. “I’m going to go into the medical field a bit, but this purple acorn story, I’ll go to the emergency room”, then commented on the columnist accompanied by the laughter of Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne.

“It’s not possible the price of surimi! »

This Tuesday, May 23, rebelote. The comedian and the politician find themselves, on the airwaves of RTL this time. Bruno Le Maire was the guest of Amandine Bégot’s morning interview. Philippe Caverivière underlines the recurrence of their encounters: “With Bruno, every four days, we take stock of France. He likes to feed on my vision, I am a bit like his Jacques Attali, a humble and self-effacing guide»begins the troublemaker.

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Then comes in the lines of his column, the hot topic of the package of pasta. And the comedian tries a defense in his own way: “We were at Lidl on Saturday afternoon with Bruno, he was bewildered in the rays, “It’s not possible the price of surimi! Camembert is too expensive! Loué chicken is too high!”.

In “RTL Matin”, Bruno Le Maire said seriously: “Real life yes, I know it! Of course not, the ends of the month of a minister are not the same as those of someone who touches 1200/1300 euros per month. My compensation, it’s totally transparent, it’s 7400 net euros per month, once taxes have been deducted. I have a family, I have four children, I do my shopping, I pay for my food, and that’s normal. Contrary to what is said on social networks, I do not occupy my official accommodation, I pay my rent… These are things that deserve to be said”.

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