Philippe Caverivière tackles La Zarra after his defeat and his middle finger at Eurovision

VIDEO – Monday morning on RTL, the sniper commented with great irony on the behavior of the Quebec singer who represented France at Eurovision, this weekend in Liverpool.

He had promised to cut his right if France won Eurovision. His genitals are finally safe. Philippe Caveriviere rejoiced this Monday morning on RTL. He took advantage of his column to pay for the Quebec singer who finished 16th in the Eurovision 2023 ranking organized in Liverpool this weekend.

La Zarra is our Mariah Carey Leader Pricebegan the sniper. “Our landmark brand Beyoncé took a rouste“, he continued before returning to the unfortunate gesture of the artist during the attribution of the points of the neighboring countries. “That said, it’s not silly his strategy. She finishes 16th and she makes a big ing to cameras around the world. It means that next year, if we only come in 15th and our candidate doesn’t tell the jury to off, it will almost be a small victory.“joked the comedian. “When we set the bar low, we go over it“, he summarized in the morning of Yves Calvi and Amandine Bégot.

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La Zarra does not carry Philippe Caverivière in his heart. On Friday, after the latter’s bet to cut off a , she commented: “To cut them, you would already have to have them“. “I thought I detected in the singer’s reaction a certain propensity for a chic outburst», first voiced Philippe Caverivière before mocking La Zarra’s defense over his strained middle finger.

Losing with the middle finger shows distinction and fair play »

Philippe Caverivière on the behavior of La Zarra at Eurovision

She said it was generational and cultural””, recalled the former pen of Nicolas Canteloup. “Between friends, we can put our fingers to each otherhe quipped before going further. You should know that in Quebec, when you’re disappointed, you give the middle finger. When we say hello, we give each other a little cat- and when we say goodbye, it’s fashionable to put on a little olive“, he still enumerated.

Losing with the middle finger shows distinction and fair play“, he added before comparing the star of his column to a French tennis player known for his bloodshed on the courts. “It’s a bit like the Benoît Paire school, moreover we really want to send Benoît to represent Eurovision next yearconcluded Philippe Caverivière.

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