Philippe Caverivière’s jokes about Limoges pinned by the city’s deputy mayor

In a long letter addressed to Amandine Bégot and Yves Calvi, made public last week, Guillaume Guérin is annoyed by the recurring jokes of “the self-proclaimed comedian” on RTL.

Deputy mayor of Limoges and president of Limoges Métropole, Guillaume Guerin took the initiative of speaking openly to the morning teams of RTL. Tired of the repeated jokes of Philippe Caverivière on the town of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the one who presented himself as “a regular listener” of the show hosted by Amandine Bégot and Yves Calvi expressed his ” incomprehension “ and his “sadness”.

“For several weeks, the porcelain city has been the target of gratuitous and misleading attacks from your columnists, first and foremost the self-proclaimed humorist Mr. Caverivière”wrote Guillaume Guérin. “While we can undoubtedly laugh at everything, humor reaches its limits when it becomes hurtful. » And to doubt that the members of the RTL morning show have taken the trouble to come and visit Limoges once in their lives.

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“RTL Matin” relocated to Limoges on December 7

“Do you know Limoges? […] Unfortunately, I fear not, which makes these attacks even more shocking, humiliating, not to mention stupid.”he adds with very perceptible annoyance. “I have come to believe that the letters of nobility of salon Parisianism, just like the quintessence of being one, are acquired through an ever more harsh criticism of the provinces and peripheral France. How sad… “

The deputy mayor of Limoges invited – at his expense – the “RTL Matin” teams to come and discover his city. Monday morning, Guillaume Guérin intervened during Philippe Caverivière’s column when the latter was joking, once again, about the Limousin city. “To punish David Rachline, we should elect him mayor of Limoges”, he had just said, ironically about the lifestyle of the mayor of Fréjus. On December 7, the station’s morning show will be broadcast from Limoges to put an end to this controversy in a good mood.

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Philippe Caverivière is not the only one to joke about Limoges. A native of the city, the comedian Djimo systematically refers to it. “My name is Djimo, I come from Limoges, a very small town where it is forbidden to run… Because if you run in Limoges, you actually leave the town. If you sprint, you arrive in Toulouse”he says in particular in his show.

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