Pierre Arditi talks about his end of life in “Sept à Eight”

By Laura Terrazas

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The actor who collapsed a few weeks ago on stage confides in Audrey Crespo-Mara on TF1 about the conditions in which he wants to die.

After a month of forced rest, Pierre Arditi is back on stage. On September 27, the actor lost consciousness in full performance at the Édouard VII theater in Paris. “I collapsed in the arms of Muriel Robin who did not ask for so much from the unfortunate woman, Pierre Arditi tells Audrey Crespo-Mara this evening on TF1.

An experience which forced him to reconsider his relationship with death: “For a moment, a fraction of a second, I felt that I was losing my footing, I turned off”. Doctors diagnose vagal discomfort “very strong”. Fortunately, medical examinations revealed nothing more serious. “I’m moving towards the end, but it’s okay, I’m alive. There is nothing more wonderful than life”explains Pierre Arditi.

I know I don’t want to end anyhow

Pierre Arditi in “Seven to Eight”

Bon vivant, he believes that he should not feel guilty about enjoying pleasures: “I’m not going to change at my age. Life is not the Savings Bank where you save to earn interest. Life is not worth saving because it is an adventure from which you do not come out alive. I burn life. Simply there, I burn it a little less because I would like it to last a little longer”.

But Pierre Arditi can’t help but think about the end and under what conditions he wants to leave. “Death pisses me off. If I can die wonderfully in my sleep, great. But if it can’t be like that, if I feel that little by little things are not going in the right direction, I won’t let myself go too far in the wrong direction.he declares.

Without uttering the word euthanasia, Pierre Arditi ures that there is “a thousand ways of doing things”. “I know that I don’t want to end up any way and I’m not going to bother everyone with this and I’m going to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible”concludes the actor.

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