Pierre Aristouy: “I will not change course”

“How has the past week been different from the previous one?
I’m less in a hurry, less in the very time-consuming need to settle everything in a world that I had less control over. The benchmarks are done, I was able to get back to basics: the terrain, the system, the animation…

Is there less gloom within the group than when you arrived?
Yes, it was important to bring something back from Toulouse (0-0). Everyone is aware that this point was obtained in pain but it gives more enthusiasm and dynamism on and off the field.

“However, I would very much like to approach the Angers match (during the last day) with the cards in hand”

Three days from the end, given the club’s situation, should we ignore the issue?
Personally, I prefer to talk about the game because when you play by essentially taking into account what is at stake, it gives flashes of motivation, but they are only flashes. And at the slightest grain of sand, it risks collapsing. If we talk about the danger of losing, how will the team react if they concede a goal after 30 minutes? Conversely, if we give a game objective, there is not necessarily a need for 70 minutes to score. If it’s well thought out, well done, it can come in 5 seconds. Raynald Denoueix said the game before the game. At the time, we went to look for our maintenance in Le Havre, and he had not changed course. I won’t change course either.

How many points will be necessary to maintain in your opinion?
Possibly nine, and again, that may not be enough. I am not overly optimistic as many observers want to be, thinking that Auxerre will lose against PSG or Lens. I don’t have a point goal. On the other hand, I would very much like to approach the Angers match (during the last day) with the cards in hand.

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