“Pierre Richard, in “The Goat”, it’s me”

Stéphane Plaza, in his agency in the 11th arrondist of Paris, on January 23, 2023.

It looks like a picnic: a bottle of rosé, sausage, pâté, crisps… Stéphane Plaza, the most famous real estate agent in France, to whom we would entrust our keys in complete confidence, receives us in a small piece from his Parisian agency of 11e arrondist. Since last July 27, he no longer drinks wine or vodka, to give himself a chance to keep up with a “use of time that no one wants”, as Mumu often hears, her makeup artist, who accompanies her everywhere. He celebrates his sales contracts at Champomy and enjoys a non-alcoholic beer that evening.

To get an idea, the morning of our meeting, the cathodic expert helped a family of city dwellers teleworking, traumatized by the health crisis, to find their happiness in the Perche, for his new daily program “New house for a new life “. In the afternoon, he visited an apartment on behalf of his agency. The next day he was to play A magical couple in Lille, before closing its 250 tour dates at the Parisian Bouffes (until June 24). He takes advantage of his travels to meet a certain number of the seven hundred franchisees of Stéphane Plaza Immobilier, recruited on a psychological test borrowed from the American Marine Corps. “A test of emotions”reformulates the artist.

His sympathy in all circumstances, his unfailing good humor make him both accessible and almost fictitious, not so far from the statuettes bearing his effigy which are enthroned almost everywhere in his office. “Corporate Gifts”, he laughs. Full hair, small round nose à la Tintin, nickel sneakers, he highlights his self-taught career. But at 52 ” and half “, he is seriously thinking about his future away from television sets to devote himself to his first pion: the field. Since its creation in 2014, Stéphane Plaza Immobilier, the fourth largest network in France in terms of location, has experienced exponential growth, multiplying its turnover by eight in seven years.

Difficult to imagine the blunderer of the PAF who falls, gets tangled in the keys and bumps into the furniture like a big boss who owns 25.5% of the capital of the company. “I left my computer on the bonnet of a car twice, I broke my phone twenty times, my bank cards arrive in the mail because I lose them all the time, he lists. When I put a GPS on a windshield, the windshield explodes. Peter Richard, in The goat, it’s me. I’m dyspraxic, I don’t calculate my strength, and I’m dyslexic… But in every professional decision, I weigh the pros and cons and I rely 100% on my instincts. » A few days later, we learn that Stéphane Plaza ped through a gl stool and received twelve stitches in the foot.

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