Piratini and Shein seek closer partnerships in the RS fashion industry

This Monday afternoon (15), Governor Eduardo Leite met with the Chinese giant Shein for a possible rapprochement between the State and the clothing company, which intends to invest heavily in Brazil in the coming years. Also present at the meeting were federal deputy Any Ortiz, responsible for organizing the meeting, and the secretary of Economic Development, Ernani Polo. The first contact takes place about a month after the announcement by the federal government that ended the tariff exemption for purchases of up to US$ 50. With the controversy, however, the government backed down days after the measure. The company has already signed a series of commitments with the Ministry of Finance, such as the nationalization of sales with products made in Brazil.

The idea of ​​the multinational, together with the government of Rio Grande do Sul, from now on, is to hold meetings of a technical nature to further identify potential partnerships in the fashion industry. According to federal deputy Any Ortiz – who was already in contact with Shein for being president of the Frente Parlamentar Pela Mulher Empreendedora and working together with the company on other projects – the brand, until this Monday, had not sought or been presented to the State for approximation. “Shein is looking for strategic states to invest in national suppliers, so this meeting was productive”, explained Any.

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