Placed in receivership, Getir plans to cut 900 jobs in France

At the end of March 2023, the total indebtedness of the fast delivery group was around 17.6 million euros.

Placed in receivership, the French subsidiary of the Turkish group of fast delivery Getir announced Wednesday in a press release to consider “the elimination of approximately 900 jobs” in France, out of some 1,800 according to the unions, and the closure of “some» dark stores. This project ofreorganization», presented to the Social and Economic Committee, aims to «ensure the sustainability of the presence of the Getir group in Francewhich owns Gorillas and Frichtitwo subsidiaries which had also been placed in receivership by the Paris Commercial Court, specifies the group.

When questioned, Getir refused to communicate his numbers. However, according to the CFDT, the group has 900 jobs in France (CDD and CDI), Gorillas, 500, and Frichti, 400. The group indicated that it would fulfill the “legal indemnities required“and will implement”the reclification of certain employees within one of the three entities” as well as'”personalized professional support to help employees find a new job elsewhere” And “a psychological support cell“.

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An unfavorable contextual environment

This announcement comes almost two years after Getir’s arrival in the country with a bang. The Turkish company then claimed its status as a precursor of the “quick trade“, namely the ultra-fast delivery at home – or at the workplace – of a shopping basket that customers no longer had to pick up in a supermarket. This trend emerged thanks to the confinements of the Covid-19 pandemic and benefited from very significant fundraising in 2021 and 2022. But the activity is now struggling to achieve profitability.

At the end of March 2023, the group’s total debt was around 17.6 million euros, according to an internal memo. Getir France explains that it paid the price of “an unfavorable contextual environment” with in particular inflation and a “high level of rents and a very large number of leases“. He had also argued in April for a change in the regulations “creating additional complexities“. An allusion to the government’s decision to pave the way for town halls to regulate the establishment of “dark blinds», the premises where the products to be delivered are stored.

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