PMA: since the lifting of anonymity, 434 people have asked to know the identity of their donor

Since September 1, 2022, the bioethics law made it possible to lift the anonymity of gamete donors. A measurement that hundreds of people, born from one donation of sperm, eggs or embryoswere waiting: the Capadd (Commission for access of people born from medically isted procreation to the data of third-party donors) counted 434 requests for access to the identity of the donor who allowed their birth, according to franceinfo who had access to its annual report, which should be unveiled this Friday.

In one year, Capadd received 440 requests for access to data, but two letters were inadmissible and four requests were incomplete. For the 434 admissible requests, the average age of applicants stands at 33 years in 2023, compared to 34 years in 2022. Women represent 74% of requests.

Out of 434 requests, 101 donors were identified. Among them, 19 agreed to reveal their identity, and some died, which puts an end to the procedure, the report also highlights. For the moment, the commission has only been able to send the applicants three positive responses.

More than 70,000 children born thanks to gamete donations

Concerning the other 333 files, the searches have not yet been completed. Because when the commission receives a request, it transmits it to the donation centers, which have no obligation to carry out research, specifies franceinfo. Overwhelmed by the influx of requests for PMA, the Cécos (centers for the study and conservation of human eggs and sperm) do not make this mission a priority.

The commission also received 435 spontaneous consents from donors, who had made a donation before the change in the law and accepted that their identity be included in the register in order to be revealed if a person conceived by their donation requests it.

Capadd, created on September 1, 2022 within the framework of the law of August 2, 2021 relating to bioethics, ended its first year of operation on August 31. Thanks to this law, people born by PMA, who have questions about their origins, can when they reach the age of majority request access to the identity of the donor. This commission was created to respond to their request.

Since the creation of sperm and egg banks in 1973, it is estimated that more than 70,000 children have been born thanks to gamete donations.

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