Podcast. Drought: how to share water?

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A interministerial report published in April on the 2022 drought explains: “Water is still often considered an inexhaustible and free resource. » France has entered a new phase, where the lack of water risks becoming chronic. Why is there a risk of running out of fresh water? How can we adapt to the threats posed by climate change to our water resources? What should be the priority uses and how to decide?

Agathe Euzen, anthropologist and deputy director of the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute, guest of the “Human Heat” podcast.

Agatha Euzen is an anthropologist and deputy director of the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute. She is notably the author of Adaptation to climate change (CNRS Editions) and Everything you need to know about tap water (CNRS Editions)

An episode produced by Adèle Ponticelli with the help of Esther Michon, directed by Amandine Robillard. Original music: Amandine Robillard.

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