Poland: An investigation is underway into the death of reality show star Gabriel Seweryn in hospital

On Tuesday evening, Gabriel Seweryn, who gained popularity thanks to the television program “Queens of Life”, died in the hospital emergency department in Głogów. The prosecutor wants to explain the causes and circumstances of this death. Before his death, the man suggested in an online report that the ambulance crew refused to help him.

The spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica, Prosecutor Lidia Tkaczyszyn, announced on Wednesday that the prosecutor was informed by the services on Tuesday evening that the police had been called to help the ambulance crew.

“Following this information from the services, including the police, the prosecutor initiated proceedings and ordered an autopsy of the deceased 56-year-old man. The autopsy will take place this week and will determine the cause of death, which is not known yet,” said prosecutor Tkaczyszyn.

She added that the investigation into the death of a man in the emergency room also involved the intervention of an ambulance service and a call for police patrol istance.

“In addition to information from the services, the prosecutor’s office also received two reports submitted by e-mail, not by the deceased’s relatives, but by other people. They concern improper provision of medical istance by emergency services. The prosecutor has already received information that the police were called to help the ambulance crew because this man was behaving aggressively and threatening the ambulance crew,” the prosecutor said.

She added that the findings show that the deceased’s friend took him to the hospital before the police patrol managed to support the ambulance crew.

In the recording published on the Internet, Gabriel Seweryn says that the ambulance service does not want to help him, while he feels shortness of breath and chest tightness. The man went to the Emergency Department of the District Hospital in Głogów, where he was given medications and tests. After more than two hours, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Despite resuscitation, the heart could not be restored. (PAP)

author: Roman Skiba

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