Poles are stealing more and more goods from stores

Poles are stealing more and more goods from stores

More and more goods are disappearing from stores. Small institutions are robbed more often, “Rzeczpospolita” informs on Friday.

Referring to the data of the General Police Headquarters, Rzeczpospolita states that “in 2022, the number of shoplifting crimes increased by as much as 31.1 percent. on an annual basis, to over 32.7 thousand”. “Analyzing the data from the provincial headquarters, only the one in Lublin did not record an increase in such crimes. In turn, the number of offenses related to shoplifting increased by 21.5 percent, to 234.3 thousand. he notes.

“The increase in theft is a clear signal of trouble on the market, rising prices make more people decide to do it,” says Renata Juszkiewicz, president of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization. “For stores, it is of course a huge challenge and also an increase in operating costs,” he adds.

As the newspaper points out, “a new phenomenon that can be seen in the market now is the theft of products that were not lost en masse before.” It is – we read – “especially basic food products”. “Behind this are mainly people who do it out of some compulsion. The second category is luxury goods – e.g. perfumes, expensive alcohols, small electronics, etc. And these thefts are mainly organized crime groups” – says Maciej Tygielski, managing director of the SkipWish Group.

According to the daily, “changes can also be seen in what stores are robbed.” “According to police statistics, the number of offenses related to theft in large stores in 2022 increased by 20.8 percent, to 188.3 thousand. Their number in small shops increased faster, by 24.6 percent. More than 46,000 have already been recorded. – informs. (PAP)


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