Police launch campaign to recruit 7,000 officers

There National Police launches this Wednesday a campaign to recruit 7,000 agents, including 2,500 peacekeepers. All grades are affected. The institution currently has 150,000 members.

This campaign, entitled “You are made to be a police officer” and available in three clips broadcast on radio, television and on the Internet, is aimed “more particularly at 18-25 year olds with the aim of revealing to them the many common points which connect them to the national police without their being really aware of it”, underlines the institution in a press release.

The peacekeeper competition, for which registration is open since Tuesday and until July 19 on the site devenirpolicier.fr, should make it possible to recruit 2,500 agents, as in 2022. Candidates admitted will undergo a one-year training in school, followed by a 12-month internship period in a police service.

The orientation and programming law of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi), promulgated in January and endowed with an additional 15 billion euros in budget, provides for the creation in five years of 8,500 police and gendarme posts.

The stated objective of President Emmanuel Macron is to double the presence of law enforcement on the ground by 2030.

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