Political parties turned into businesses rather than politics.

Former Presidential State Supervisory Board Member Recep Virtual, who investigated important corruption allegations during the periods of Süleyman Demirel and Ahmet Necdet Sezer, said that a very dire political landscape emerged after the presidential system, and made this analogy.

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Political parties turned into businesses rather than politics.

In our daily lives, we see that the problems in our country’s politics paralyze the state administration, and accordingly, our socio-economic problems are getting worse. Our real statesmen, who have received a political education and have been trained in the state service, have moved away from their positions of speech and decision, have withdrawn to their own corners, and are watching the progress with concern.

Recep Virtual is one of them. The District Governor served as the Civil Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior. He investigated and investigated important corruption allegations during the Presidency of Süleyman Demirel and Ahmet Necdet Sezer. He retired at the age of 49 when he saw that the merits were being devalued in the state after the presidential change. It is like the “black box” of the state, it has very important information in terms of state life. He has many books, articles and researches on politics and administration. He has radical ideas and striking suggestions on politics and public administration. Dr. Recep Virtual answered our questions as follows:


“In countries that are poorly governed, there is no shortage of problems. If you do not have a democratic system based on the rule of law and qualified statesmen to run this system, you will have to grapple with the problems created by bad administrators in a bad system forever. In my opinion, our most fundamental problem is the complete corruption of politics and its alienation from its original mission. Nothing gets better until politics gets better. Because the political square; It has turned into a hippodrome where those who do not understand state administration, do not have the capacity to solve problems, and those who are fond of wealth and fame compete with each other. Political parties have also become ‘trade shops’ rather than politics, and they are busy marketing armchairs like a furniture store. When a freak presidential system, which is really bad, and the electoral/election system, which has completely deviated from its purpose, are added to all these, a very dire political landscape emerged. The principle of separation of powers, which sustains the parliamentary system, has been transformed by a monstrous system and turned into a ‘confusion of forces’. The use of state institutions by the mobs who want to plunder the public ets as they wish, has caused us to present the concept of ‘incest corruption’ to the world corruption literature! Those who do business to spend money instead of spending money to do business; They have become a waste of our nation’s taxes.”


Defining the current system as “the model of one man with two hats who can be both the president and the party leader at the same time”, said that this situation has led to dualism in the provincial administration, and that the powers of the governors and district governors have begun to be eroded by the provincial and district presidents of the ruling party. He said: “Local politicians said to the local authorities, ‘If you represent the president, we represent the president of our party. Even if you take decisions that we do not approve, we will not enforce them!’ they are reaping the grounds of the authoritative but irresponsible ‘political governor-governor’ mission. It has become almost impossible for the local authorities to take the initiative even in matters for which they are expressly authorized by law. As a matter of fact, even in disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods, the provincial authorities cannot take action without an order from the top of the center. Those who want to use their legal authority bravely are exposed to various slanders, which end in exile or dismissal from public service, on the pretext that they do not work in harmony with the party organization.


Claiming that the corruption in the political system has surrounded the corrupt security, education, health, economy, infrastructure in the state administration, in short, every field, Recep Virtual continued his explanations as follows: The sale of their lands to foreigners, the delivery of the education system to sects and communities, the exclusion of Turkish physicians from the health system, the treatment of architects, engineers and lawyers who are experts in their fields as the plague, the fact that our well-educated young people are overwhelmed and start to look for their future abroad, those who are pushed in front of foreign consulates for the sake of a crooked visa. our people… Many more burning problems caused our civilizing efforts, which started with Atatürk a hundred years ago, to be completely wasted due to the crypto elements that became dominant in politics and administration over time. The elements placed at the corners of Turkish politics distanced them from the state administration. At the current stage, insufficient cadres in terms of political and administrative knowledge continue to cause us all kinds of trouble through scenarios imposed by global actors.”


Noting that a mentality that tries to cover corruption and poverty with prohibitions permeates every aspect of our lives, Virtual “Young people and intellectuals are having trouble breathing. Summary; The pollution of politics, the twin state structure, the refugee problem, the sale of real estate to foreigners, the extortion of public ets, environmental destruction and many other problems have become chronic due to the distorted mentality that has seized the political authority through an absurd electoral system. Without a radical change in the understanding of politics, it is not possible to get out of this chaos and effectively fulfill the basic functions of the state. Turkish intellectuals are fed up with the current dirty system. Especially young people’s demands for ‘Clean Türkiye’ are increasing. The state of the media falling into dirty pools is obvious,” he said.


He continued his virtual statement as follows: “Whoever prints large sums of money for political parties with a high probability of entering the parliament, gets the seat he wants. Once elected, they are trying to collect what they have distributed! Western-style election campaigns, which see money as the measure of everything, have turned the world into a tent theater where opportunists, who make a living from politics, foam up the election expenses. Political parties also became the main actors of this trade. It is more than a miracle that statesmen who have received political education and have been trained in the state service can be included in the parliamentary candidate lists. Because these people are not in the nature to bribe anyone or become slaves. It is also impossible for the partisans to be made slaves or subordinates. No one wants to work with people of better quality than themselves. Politics needs to be reset to factory settings.

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