“Politically yours” No. 68 – Help, the far right is coming back!

William Tabard. Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE LETTER TO SUBSCRIBERS – It is not forbidden to wonder if the cries of outrage raised against ultra-right individuals do not serve to mask an admission of helplessness in the face of violence in the cities which is now creeping into the countryside.

Dear subscribers,

I am happy to see you again for this meeting. “Help the ultra-right come back!” Have you noticed ? This is the new fashionable media-political antiphon. The new version of the call for Republican vigilance. But what is behind this staging? I will not go over the course of events that you were able to follow in Le Figaro or on your news channels: the raid of a gang on a ball in the quiet village of Crépol and the death of Thomas, aged 16. This murder aroused emotion and general indignation. How could it be otherwise?

But when some recalled the slogans heard on site, such as that of coming “break white”, not everyone liked it. We have the right to cry for the victim, but not to question the identity of the murderers. We must promise severity in the response to this violence, but above all we must not reveal the first name of the attackers. Denial is better than…

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