Politicians and businessmen launch manifesto in support of the concession of Cais Mauá

The new public notice with the guidelines for the concession of Cais Mauá will be launched by the end of June, said the secretary of Parceiras do RS, Pedro Capeluppi, at a meeting of the Parliamentary Front for Entrepreneurship and Debureaucratization, of the Legislative embly, on Tuesday night -feira 16th. On the same day, a manifesto was launched in defense of the proposal to sell the land from the docks in exchange for the management of the warehouses.

The government’s intention is for the auction to take place later this year. In 2022, there were no interested parties in the two attempts made. “It is important that we understand what generated this lack of interest. Since then, we have started listening to the market to understand what happened”, declared Capeluppi, pointing to the political moment of transition between governments as a possible obstacle.

In the column, the secretary guarantees that the forecast for public management of some warehouses for use by the culture sector will be maintained, a demand claimed by Coletivo Cais Cultural Já. “They will be qualitative adjustments”, says the secretary, like “financial adjustments of cash flow, replacing a need to pay in capital by guaranteeing the execution of the contract”.

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