Porto Alegre Chamber completes 250 years

250 years ago, five men got together to decide what the price would be charged for the meat, name and foster home for four children who had been abandoned and discuss renting a venue, in what is now Porto Alegre, to host the meetings they held. continued to perform.

The model and the agenda under discussion on September 6, 1773 are very different from what we know today, but that meeting marked the foundation of the City Council of Porto Alegre. To mark this Wednesday, the 6th of September, the Legislature of the Capital will celebrate the date with cake and a special session in the Plenary Otávio Rocha.

“In these 25 decades, this Chamber, which is not by chance known as the Porto Alegre People’s House, ped through this Chamber, the most varied and important projects and debates in our Capital. Since the creation of the first code of postures of Porto Alegre, the signature for the order to start the first pavements in the city, reaching the most recent themes we see today” recalls councilor Hamilton Sossmeier (PTB), who will preside over the legislature in 2023.

Currently, the parliament of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul has 36 councilors from 16 parties. Going back in time, we see that the history of the Legislative Power in the municipality begins with the expulsion, by the Spaniards, of the Portuguese from the city of Rio Grande, in the south of the State. The seat of the Captaincy’s Chamber needed to be moved to Viamão in 1763. Ten years later, it was transferred again, this time to the new capital – Freguesia de Nossa Senhora da Madre de Deus de Porto Alegre -, by order of the governor.

The information reproduced here, telling a little about the places occupied by the parliamentarians until they reached the current headquarters, are included in the series of special reports signed by the Chamber’s communication advisory team.

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