pottery yard, candlelight dinner… the stars want to help the most vulnerable

In order to help actors and technicians, who have not worked for the American film industry for weeks, stars are trying to mobilize by offering unusual experiences – with them – at auction.

Obviously the American headliners (actresses, actors, presenters, hosts, etc.) want to get their heads dirty. After more than four months of strike in Hollywood, in particular to defend the work of screenwriters and set technicians threatened by artificial intelligencethe stars have decided to help the most vulnerable people in the cinema profession by organizing the auction of unique services in their company.

The starting gong rang on September 13. On the eBay platform, from a minimum initial stake of $500, it is now possible to fulfill your dreams by spending time with a Hollywood figure.

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The range of celebrity activities offered to interested parties is as diverse as it is attractive. Thus, the witty actress Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, The slums of Beverly Hills) simply offers to come and solve crossword puzzles with her. If you’re more foodies than cruciverbists, a candlelight dinner with actor Bob Odenkirck and director David Cross will also go under the hammer at Ebay auctions. For those who love manual arts, the facetious host Busy Philipps, featured in the series Dawson, offers to introduce the lucky bidder to pottery. Finally the actor Adam Scott (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), apparently a pet lover, will be happy to come walk your dog. It should also be noted that this new type of auction will end on September 23.

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This great idea is supported by the Union Solidarity Coalition, a recently created entity intended to help all cinema professionals (technicians, lighting engineers, scripts, directors, actors, etc.) who since the start of the strike no longer have bring in money.

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