Poupette Kenza officially fined 50,000 euros for deceptive commercial practices

The troubles pile up for Poupette Kenza. A few days after a complaint was filed against her by blogger Aqababe after an attack at her home, the influencer from Normandy suffered the wrath of the Calvados fraud repression this Tuesday. In an official press release, the commercial practices monitoring body revealed that it had definitively imposed a heavy fine on the mother, who is widely followed on social networks.

“The CCRF agents of the DDPP of Calvados carried out an investigation which led to a criminal transaction for a total amount of 50,000 euros against the company SEYANA SOCIETY (for which Ms. Kenza Benchrif, influencer known under the pseudonym “Poupette Kenza “is a content creator)”, state services indicate.

The reason for this heavy fine? In one of her many promotional videos, the young woman failed to “indicate the true commercial intent of the content for which the company received compensation, and for giving the impression that the sale of a branded tooth whitener CREST 3D WHITE is legal although it is prohibited for sale on French territory,” specifies the CCRF of Calvados. These practices constitute deceptive commercial practices, which are likely to be subject to heavy fines, recalls the organization.

She is also ordered to broadcast a press release detailing her sanction on her social networks.

Accustomed to controversies on social networks

Last August, the influencer revealed that this sword of Damocles weighed on her. It is now effective. “I’m too nervous, 50,000 euros fine like that, but it’s a shame! », was indignant the star followed by more than a million subscribers, who indicated at the time that she wanted to contest the sanction against her for deceptive commercial practices.

The amount of this sanction clearly exceeds that imposed on the influencer Nabilla in 2021. The ex-reality TV star had then been pinned for having promoted an online trading training site for which it guaranteed profits, without specifying that it was a commercial partnership.

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