PP of Porto Alegre confirms support for the re-election of Sebastião Melo during the inauguration of a new directory

in the first municipal convention of the Progressive Party (PP) in Rio Grande do Sul in 2023, held this Saturday (13), at the Porto Alegre City Council, two important decisions were taken. The current president of the party in the Capital, Vitor Alcântara, Vitinho, was reappointed to the position during the inauguration of the new directory, for the period from 2023 to 2026, and it was also declared the PP’s support for the re-election of Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB).

“We don’t want to anticipate the election, we just want to anticipate the great conviction that we progressives have in the Melo administration and that this project, which has been working, will continue”, says Alcântara. For the race in the Chamber, the leader expects the PP to make a robust nomination, consolidating a group of four or five councillors. “It is a goal of the party to become one of the largest benches in the Chamber”, stresses the president. Today, the PP has three parliamentarians in the House: Ciá Carpes, Monica Leal and Comandante Nádia.

Regarding the support for Melo, the president of the progressives in Rio Grande do Sul, Celso Bernardi, points out that among the reasons for the decision are the care with which the mayor treats the city and the lack of a competitive name within the PP to contest the elections. in capital. “It is better for the party to invest mively in candidacies for councilor so that we have an expressive bench in the Chamber”, defends Bernardi.
In the State, the progressives have, according to the director, 145 elected mayors and for the next elections the objective is to elect an even larger number, from 150 to 160, remaining as the party with the largest number of municipal managers in Rio Grande do Sul.

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