Pray in Muslim

In Muçum, in Vale do Taquari, the community joins forces with volunteers to rebuild the community. There is no shortage of help, donations and a lot of faith. On the ground floor of the town hall, a shelf holds numerous affected objects and documents left to dry, a Bible among them.

Home delivery

The executive aviation company Flapper, from Belo Horizonte, entered into a partnership with the Kurotel spa for the helicopter and light jet transfer service from Porto Alegre to Canela airport. A short flight of 20 minutes to 30 minutes costs between R$7,600 and R$9,200. If you go directly between São Paulo, the hole is lower, between R$60 thousand and R$70 thousand.

They say…

…that the people themselves do not complain about the legal pirouettes that certain constitutional operators commit. The people themselves support or dissupport with their stomach. Furthermore, two thirds of this gigantic m is made up of functionally illiterate people. There is no room for maneuver in the knowledge garage.

It’s a good life!

Nine ministers in the Lula government earn more than their expected salary as members of state-owned company councils. Extra monthly amounts reach close to R$40,000, plus the R$41,600 for the role. Minister Carlos Lupi leads the list with R$82,535.92 per month. Data are from Poder360.

Total madness

Loucura Total, which took place at the Total shopping mall between the 14th and 17th, had a 12% higher flow of people over the four days of promotion compared to 2022, with offers that reached 70% off. The secret was to involve retailers in a popular party atmosphere, with diverse attractions and lots of entertainment in the corridors. Everything the people like.

Air Transport

At least until Sunday, some owners of mansions on Ilha da Pintada felt what it was like to be flogged. Guaíba flooded land and roads that had not been flooded at the time of construction. To get to the houses, a tractor took them from wet to dry, perched on the bucket.

After the gale

As with everything in life, tragedies like the one we are experiencing leave valuable lessons. One of them is the generation of protocols to be followed when other climate events occur. And an important one is the logistics of donations. Unfortunately, prevention is always half-baked.

Just the scare

Former mayor Guilherme Socias Villela had a large stroke on Saturday night. He is admitted to Moinhos de Vento Hospital and, to the joy of his friends, is making a clear recovery.

That hug

Commanded by Mayor Pedro Kaspary, Vale Real, on the right bank of the Caí River, has quite a history. The name came about due to the geography of the place, which is surrounded by 13 hills, forming a natural crown. After the ban on the German language in 1938, due to the Second World War, the name Kronenthal was translated into Vale da Coroa, later Vale Real.


BRAZIL is part of the G77 group. As Lula went to Cuba, he still needs to fly to 75 countries.

BIGGEST beneficiary of amendments, PL, Bolsonaro’s former party, took R$2 billion of the R$24.2 billion.

FIGHT over PGR involves root PT members and former partner of STF minister Gilmar Mendes at his college. It appeared in O Globo.

Brazilians’ low word stock is so frightening that even text correctors are unaware of most of them.

NOTHING is free. Wind farms and offshore distribution lines will cost up to ten times more.

DATE ociated with floods, the 29th is Saint Michael’s Day. Another is days earlier, in Santa Rosa.

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