Predicted World Cup Semi Finalists

Predicted World Cup Semi Finalists. Some surprises with better odds.

We all enjoy a good World Cup, watching your country, even if you get knocked out, it is such an enjoyable event for everyone. Many people place bets on the semi finalists, a sort of mini accumulator, not only might it give you a nice return on investment but adds more fun to the tournament, especially if your team is in the semis. If your team is knocked out already, a little bet can bring back the excitement for you.

Ollie the Octopus, our little red, white and blue physic creature was placed on a map and his magic tentacles chose our four semi-finalists. Trust us, Ollie is very clever and has won us a lot of bets over his 22 years.

Ollies semi finalists are as follows:





So there you go, a couple of favourites and a couple of surprises. Personally, we think France will win outright but Ollie tells us it will be Denmark and we hope he’s wrong.

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