Premier League unites to toughen up on fan misbehavior

The measures are getting tougher in the English Championship. Fans of Premier League teams who take part in anti-social behavior in stadiums will now receive automatic club bans for a minimum of one year, the League announced on Wednesday, after unanimously agreeing to the move.

Several incidents were observed last year, especially at the end of the season, when the fans celebrated the title, the maintenance or the rise in the upper division. One of them involved Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira punching an Everton supporter after an invasion of the pitch. Smoke and pyrotechnic bombs, relatively rare in England a few years ago, had also seen their use become more regular.

The Leagues unite to toughen the rules

"Fans caught carrying or activating pyrotechnics or smoke devices, or entering the pitch without permission, will receive an automatic club ban for a minimum of one year"the league said in a communicated. “These prohibitions could also be extended to parents or guardians accompanying children who participate in such activities. This policy is effective immediately and the ban applies to home and away matches. »

In July, the Premier League and English Football League said tough penalties would be put in place for pitch invasions, use of smoke bombs and pyrotechnics from the 2022-23 season. The leagues and the English Federation (FA) said then that "All identified offenders will be reported by the clubs to the police and prosecution could result in a permanent criminal record, which could affect their employment and education, or even result in a prison sentence."

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