premium increase in 2022 and 2023 will remain “below” inflation

The companies have undertaken to "hold the average amount of insurance premiums below the level of inflation" for these two years.

Towards the appearance of ainflation packon insurance. Following a meeting between Bruno Le Maire and representatives of insurance and mutual insurance companies, commitments were made to "support the purchasing power of the French". "I have asked insurers to make efforts to limit the amount of insurance premiums for 2022 and 2023 as much as possible.“Explained the Minister of Economy and Finance, during a press briefing. The companies have therefore committed tokeep the average amount of insurance premiums below the level of inflation», for these two years. A "big effortwhich aims to create ainsurance shield", after the shield "bankingand the one on energy.

Premiums could have jumped next year, driven by the multiplication climatic phenomena such as fires, storms or floods, on the one hand, and by the rising costs of raw materials such as spare parts or tiles, noted the boss of France insurers, Florence Lustman. To date, "more than six million peopleshould thus be compensated this year, which is double that of a normal year. But "insurance price index“, calculated by INSEE, will remain below the overall level of inflation, also measured by an index, accepted the insurers.

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