premiums up to 292 euros net monthly under study

The budget has been known for several months: 635 million euros for an increase “unconditional” from 2023, 1.9 billion in 2024. The two hypotheses presented to the unions on Tuesday January 24 as part of the consultations on the salary increase for teachers come to bring a concrete variation to these global envelopes and project the teachers, the principal advisers of education and national education psychologists-guidance counselors in what they may or may not perceive from September 2023.

A project, highly sensitive in view of the expectations, on which Emmanuel Macron committed during the presidential campaign. Faced with the drop in salaries for decades, the Head of State promised to increase teachers by 10% to reach a minimum of 2,000 euros net per month for all. Over the months, this percentage increase has become ” an average “ today based on the remuneration received in 2020, all allowances included. Jean-Michel Blanquer, the predecessor of the current minister, Pap Ndiaye, had initiated in the fall of 2020 a Grenelle of education, which had resulted in the granting of “attractive bonuses” at the start of a career. Today’s discussions are an extension of that.

The working document, to which The world had access, plays on a rise of this “attractive bonus”. In the first hypothesis issued on Tuesday, only teachers up to twenty-six years of career would see their salary increase. The new holders would receive 153 euros per month to reach a net monthly remuneration of 2,079 euros. Teachers between six and eleven years of seniority would experience the most substantial increase, with a bonus of 292 euros net monthly, to arrive at around 2,300 euros net per month. The increases would then be degressive to arrive at 71 euros more per month at twenty-six years of seniority, for a salary of 2,700 euros net.

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“Attractiveness Shock”

In the second hypothesis, less likely in the opinion of observers, all teachers would be increased, regardless of their seniority. After twenty-five years of career, the increase would be 36 euros per month. The evolutions in the first six years of career would be identical to the first scenario but would be less thereafter. Trainee teachers and contract teachers would, in any case, be affected by these increases.

Other levers proposed: recognizing part of the professional experience of personnel undergoing professional retraining or extending promotions, namely the passage from the normal class to the higher grades of the non-class and the exceptional class. These scenarios “should allow discussion with union representatives but nothing has been decided at this stage”we want to specify to the Ministry of National Education, where we say ” play the game of consultation and listen to the proposals of representative organizations “.

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