President of CIC Bento highlights the potential of fairs to boost business and tourism

The potentialization of what already presents itself as business opportunity was among the highlights in the panel presentations of the fourth event of the RS Economic Mapin the late afternoon of Tuesday (24), in Caxias do Sul. The Serra Gaúcha region is already the stage for major fairs, such as Expobento, Mercopar, Fimma, Festuris, but this potential has been exploited to the full or is Is there an opportunity for regional growth?
“Fairs are great drivers of business, but today we face infrastructure limitations for fairs. We have an incredible opportunity to invest in this sector, with improvements to spaces, ensuring that they are modern, spacious and up to standard for major global events. Potential for this , the region has”, pointed out the president of the Center for Industry, Commerce and Services (CIC), in Bento Gonçalves, Marijane Paese, who was one of the panelists at the event that debated the economic development of the Serra, Campos de Cima da Serra, Hortênsias, Vales do Paranhana and Caí regions.

And from major events onwards, connection with the structure that already exists in local tourism is the next step.
“Promoting business tourism fully, by attracting investments through well-structured fairs, and allowing visitors to stay longer in the region, experiencing the potential we already have, are actions that promote development in all productive sectors and unite us as a region”, says Marijane.

Bento Gonçalves has the second highest GDP among the regions of Serra, Campos de Cima da Serra, Hortênsias and the Vales do Caí and Paranhana, with an average of 1 CNPJ for every 30 inhabitants. With major fairs and events, especially in the furniture sector, and wineries and Vale do Vinhedos, it is one of the main tourist destinations in Rio Grande do Sul. The city has a network of 52 hotels.

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