Presidential 2027: “I am the natural candidate for my camp”, says Marine Le Pen

Published on Sep 18, 2023 at 10:59 p.m.

“I am the natural candidate of my camp” in 2027: by announcing, or almost, her competition for the next presidential election, Marine Le Pen wanted to clarify, this Monday, the distribution of roles with Jordan Bardella, of whom she intends to be her Prime minister in the event of victory.

The exit of the far-right leader at 8 p.m. on TF1 is certainly not a surprise. However, until now, she was content in private to use a convoluted formulation, saying she was “a candidate until (she) had decided not to be.”

She now aims to put an end to the speculations, rumors and predictions, which are spreading to the interior of the National Rally, fueled by the popularity of her young foal. Jordan Bardella, who succeeded him at the head of the party last year, will once again lead the RN list to the Europeans next June.

Clarification of roles

The intervention also completes a clarification of roles begun this weekend, on the occasion of the National Rally’s summer universities: questioned by several journalists about a rumor which gave Marine Le Pen the intention of appointing Jordan Bardella to Matignon in the event of victory in 2027, the two interested parties were initially content not to deny, smirking. “Yes, Jordan Bardella will make a very good Prime Minister,” Marine Le Pen then said on Saturday evening in front of a France 5 camera, in a sequence broadcast on Monday.

“There is a desire for complementarity in the perspective of 2027”, explained personalities of the RN in recent weeks, while Jordan Bardella affirms a form of independence, far from the chaperoning of 2019 when, aged 23, he had already been propelled to the Europeans, but under the control of Marine Le Pen.

From now on, the one who makes his arrival at the top in the June election an essential milestone in the conquest of power, authorizes himself to shake up the Lepenist doxa, by proposing for example a new divide between “power” and “forces of renunciation”. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen had theorized the clash between “globalists” and “nationalists”, or “popular bloc” and “elite bloc”, while refusing the duality “right” versus “left

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