Presidential campaign in the United States: Biden promotes a mug bearing his image, Superman style

In 2020, unlike France where costs are capped, Joe Biden and Donald Trump each spent nearly $1.3 billion on meetings and even advertising spots for the presidential election. And this presidential campaign for the November election could break all records.

If the candidates are generally supported by large donors or companies, all means are good to fill the coffers with, in particular, derivative products bearing their image.

And the latter do not hesitate to promote it. Thus, Joe Biden, the current President of the United States and candidate for his succession, has just encouraged his supporters on social networks to buy a mug that changes color when a hot liquid is poured inside. When it’s cold, candidate Biden wears a pair of sungles. And when it’s hot, the gles disappear and we see his eyes light up and visible in the dark… a laser look like Superman.

“I will ask you kindly to buy this new color changing campaign mug. But I know someone who won’t do it,” says Biden on to give the link to buy this precious object at the price, still 32 dollars.

Trump not to be outdone

Donald Trump is not to be outdone. Recently, the forensic photo of the former Republican president taken in a Georgia court made a real buzz in the United Statesand is now available on T-shirts, shot gles, mugs and other posters.

Trump’s ‘Save America’ fundraising committee sells ‘NEVER SURRENDER!’ » ($34), drink holders ($15 for two) and coffee cups ($25). His son Don Jr. sells “FREE TRUMP” t-shirts ($29.99) and posters ($19.99)…

According to some political strategists, this image could allow the Republican candidate to raise considerable funds. According to figures from the American press, Donald Trump’s supporters and fundraisers since 2015 have spent nearly $98 million purchasing merchandise.

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