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The reading of the Immigration law which begins this Monday in the National embly promises to be explosive. On all benches, the pressure will be maximum. It will initially weigh on the shoulders of Gérald Darmanin. His challenge: to have this text voted on without 49.3. Since weeks, the Minister of the Interior deploys in all directions to attract the good graces of the deputies in order to obtain a majority. If he succeeds, he would take his revenge on Élisabeth Borne.

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The Republicans are also playing big. The survival of their group is at stake after the cacophony of the retreat episode. Seventeen of them showed that they were prepared to vote for the law if “the spirit of the project voted by the Senate prevails”. The party president, Éric Ciotti does not compromise. It is the full version of the text from the Senate that he wants to adopt, closing the door to any compromise with the Renaissance deputies who largely unraveled the version of the upper house in committee.

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