prices should “continue to fall in the coming days”, according to Pannier-Runacher

By Julien Da Sois



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In service stations, “we are returning to a price which corresponds to that of before the war in Ukraine”, estimated the Minister of Energy Transition this Friday morning.

If food prices remain at high levels, those of fuels seem to be on a downward slope in recent weeks, giving some air to household budgets. And this trend should continue, according to Agnès Pannier-Runacher. “The objective today is to return to a normal level of fuel prices. We are getting there, we are returning to a price that matches the price before the war in Ukraine“, advanced the Minister of Energy Transition on France 2 this Friday morning.

The member of the government reiterated her request to manufacturers and distributors to reduce their prices, in view of the decline in oil prices on the markets. “I expect manufacturers and professionals to lower their prices, this is what is happening. Manufacturers and distributors have told us that these prices will continue to fall in the coming days.“, she reported.

For the past month, the prices at the pump of all fuels have actually been on a downward trend, according to data from the Ministry of Energy Transition. The liter of diesel has lost around 14 cents, while gasoline has seen its price cut by 8 to 10 cents depending on the type (SP95, SP95-E10, SP98). Diesel has even already returned today to its pre-war level in Ukraine, when gasoline is still around 8 cents above its February 2022 price.

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No new discount

Agnès Pannier-Runacher also responded to Michel-Edouard Leclerc, who had on Wednesday judge “swollen» that the government is asking distributors to lower their prices at the pump, while a “big supplier” like the oil group TotalEnergies which reaps “billions in profits», is not «obliged to lower its prices“. This position wasaddressed to all actors in the sector. Whether it’s m distribution or Total and Esso“Defended the minister, also welcoming the effect of his speech. “Fuel prices are down 4 cents since I took this position“, she welcomed.

Asked about possible new rebates at the pump, Agnès Pannier-Runacher completely dismissed this track. “That’s not the goal“, she replied, stressing that she had already made an effort at the start of the year with the fuel allowance of 100 euros. Pressed by the executive, the TotalEnergies group announced in February fuel price caps at 1.99 euros per liter until the end of the year.

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