Prime Minister: A Polish woman is synonymous with entrepreneurship

For me, a Polish woman is synonymous with entrepreneurship; The participation of women in the labor market has increased from 55% to 55% in just a few years. to over 60 percent is a great success, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out on Friday in Kępno, during the congress devoted to women’s entrepreneurship.

The head of the government is a special guest of the 1st Congress “Wielkopolska – the Heart of European Entrepreneurship. A Pole – An Exceptional European”.

“I see very clearly around how Polish women take matters into their own hands, deal with various things. For me, a Polish woman is synonymous with entrepreneurship, said the Prime Minister to the participants of the event.

Morawiecki congratulated all women who, “on various sections of the professional, home and work-life balance fronts”, always try to “work out what is the best, the most beautiful, the most important”.

Today – as the Prime Minister said – “women are doing better than men”, who “can’t keep up with women”. “This is probably a sign of the times,” Morawiecki said.

He indicated that this was confirmed by labor market data. How many women are on the boards of listed companies? Still not enough, today it is 24 percent, but 8-10 years ago it was 12 percent. Ladies, at this rate in 10 years, it will be almost half, and there is nothing to prevent it from happening faster. This is what I wish you – as many women as possible in all management boards said the head of the government.

He noted that a few years ago, when the government introduced social programs, one could hear that they would lead to a decrease in the number of working women. “Nothing like that happened. The share of women in the labor market increased from 55-56 percent. a few years ago to more than 60 percent. It’s a great success,” Morawiecki said.

He added that there are over 7.4 million women on the labor market. “We have the most working people in the history of Poland – 17 million and the highest rate of working women” – emphasized the Prime Minister. (PAP)

Authors: Karolina Kropiwiec, Ewa Bąkowska

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