Prime Minister: Visa’s investment is a confirmation of Poland’s investment attractiveness

The creation of Visa’s technology hub is a confirmation of Poland’s investment attractiveness and another good news for job creation, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday.

Visa announced on Tuesday that it plans to open a global technology and product hub in Poland, which will be the first project of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the next few years, 1,500 technology specialists will work in the hub, Visa said in a press release.

“This is another good news for job creation. (…) This is a confirmation of Poland’s investment attractiveness,” Mateusz Morawiecki noted after the meeting with Jakub Kiwior, managing director of the Central and Eastern Europe region at Visa.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Poland is trying to attract investments, especially companies that can help Polish enterprises develop innovations. “Many companies in the financial industry can grow in the process,” he added.

The head of the government noted that the solutions created in the hub will be available all over the world. “I am glad that this dimension of transatlantic cooperation between Europe, the United States, as part of the free world countries, is deepening and consolidated through successive powerful investments by companies such as Visa. Such an investment then attracts new ones,” he said.

“Poland is becoming an increasingly well-known center for various types of hubs, production, technology and service centers around the world, which is very good for economic development in Poland,” summed up the Prime Minister.

“We focus primarily on building products and services that accelerate the development of e-commerce and payments, but with particular attention to cybersecurity. With particular attention to the resilience of our systems and their security. And various artificial intelligence and the construction of products and services based on the rapidly growing IT area,” said Jakub Kiwior.

He emphasized that Poland is a technologically mature market with access to highly qualified IT staff.

“Our goal and vision is actually to employ a very diverse workforce. We are talking here not only about various digital competences, but we also want to increase the employment of women in the IT industry. We are thinking of employing a large number of people who live in Poland and come from outside the European Union. For example, groups of very well-qualified employees from Ukraine and other countries,” said the director of Visa.

He reported that the first sets of job offers appeared on the company’s website. (PAP)

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